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1.Mode Advantages

Based on traditional phone B2B mode, single sale mode of hardware is very common. We abandoned the single consumption of single hardware. The special Cloakme confidential software enables distributors/agents to make constant profits---every use shall generate cost. Win-win situation is the ultimate direction of our mutual development.

2.Convergence effect of brand alignment

Our company has gradually formed the brand effect after several years of marketing, which enables not only its concerned enterprises a higher profit as well as a better economic returns, but also a stronger company using brand capital. Famous enterprise or product would stabilize its power, further develops its scale by means of strengthening relations with suppliers and subsequent enterprises, and capital operation to integrate social resources, in order to generate scale profits.

1 Quality advantages + Configuration advantages

1.The configuration of hardware is more advanced and performance more powerful than ordinary smart phones.

2.Its software is the world’s military-level confidential software without involving the third party service provider, specially designed for businessman and political and enterprise personnel in needing of confidentiality.

3.Integrating software with hardware, we create our independent powerful brand with absolute competitiveness advantages.

2 Market-oriented R&D and production

Nowadays, confidentiality is becoming more and more important, like personal privacy, business secret as well as national secrets, which all need stronger defense against leaking. Cloakme series, oriented in confidentiality, have always been on the front row of market demand.

3 Independent product system

Gallop currently has developed Cloakme confidential software and Cloakme 1 high-end smart confidential phone. Our R&D team is making constant efforts in R&D our generation 2 phone and generation 3 phone, in order to meet fast changing pace of the market. The independent system works with brand effects, which makes enterprise grow stronger over time.

Cooperation has been one of the important strategies for the development of Gallop. It has established a broad cooperation with local government, industrial associations, industrial website operator, communication service provider, supplier of operation system, supplier of database, hardware manufacturer, software developer, system integrator and other institutions, dedicating to providing our clients with products and services of advanced as well as high-tech smart phone and mobile internet.

An independent scientific and technological park has been set up in Yiyang, Hunan, and a complete production line been established, boosting a strong force of independent research and development as well as production capacity.

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