One person makes 8 calls a day on an average basis, and 40% of the calls are vulnerable to hacker attack. The latest research shows that phone tapping and interception amount has increased 48% in 2014 around the globe, the economic loss there from reaching 2.2 trillion dollars. In Germany alone, the economic loss from commercial spy has reached 50billion Euros. Nowadays, all kinds of bugs have flooded the electronic market and since the cost and technology of wireless bugging become low and easy, bugging tools have been largely used in the competition between large, medium, small enterprise and organizations. Communication interception and phone tapping have become a secret underground market. Intelligence agency or private organization all over the world uses the communication contents of its competitors to intercept political, military and commercial secrets, which not only causes economic loss of the victim, but also affects personal safety in some cases. Therefore, protecting the communication security of enterprises and institutions has become an urgent task.

In this context, Cloakme confidential communication system emerges. Cloakme has passed trace test of "CEPREI Certification Center", trace test of "China Software Test Center" and two rounds of encryption and deciphering tests of Chinese military, the results all indicating that using Cloakme confidential communication could leave no phone or message records in the service provider.


Cloakme could provide a set of military-level confidential communication systems for enterprise clients, establishing a special confidential communication server for the enterprise and by client’s self managing, creating a safe as well as confidential communication for the enterprise.

Client group involves enterprises, military institutions, paramilitary organizations and other party as well as government organs in needing of confidential communications. We would customize a professional as well as integrated solution and military level confidential communication service in accordance with the requirements of our clients.


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