Cloakme 1-Creative Production

We abandon the old style and cumbersome appearance of traditional encrypted phone and
improve it into a military-level encrypted smart phone that is stylish and elegant

Cloakme 1-The safest
encrypted phone

Military level encryption,non traceable through the
whole communication, totally free from
“phone tapping and eavesdropping”

Independently researched and developed military
level encrypted communication software based
on private communication protocol

Approved by third-party certification institution:
using Cloakme to make phone calls or send messages could leave no traces in the operators.

The technology of “anti-tapping and
eavesdropping” has passed many decoding
tests from the China military.

Protect your personal information
and business secrets

1.When the confidential call is going on, it won't be influenced by any other new incoming call no matter it's normal call or confidential call.

2.Confidential call and confidential message can be workable at the same time. While confidential call is going on, confidential message can be sent successfully simultaneously.

Secure Communication Anywhere Anytime

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