Cloakme 1-Exquisite product with
refined craftsmanship

High screen panel ratio

Big 5.5 inch screen, 2.68mm super narrow frame design, with its screen panel ratio being
79.63%, proper thickness and weight, not too thin like paper nor too heavy like stone,
providing more comfortable hold

Exquisite process,
elegant and prominent

Adopting the process of new metal + film coating,
aluminum titanium alloy internal frame, fine painting and
metal texture shell, by complicated polishing, form the
perfect appearance of Cloakme 1.

Beautiful curve, exquisite design,
perfect touch

Multiple polishing produces the perfect back cover suitable for your palm, with
the perfect touch and weight, integrate your palm with the phone

Corning Gorilla screen,
tough as iron

Better anti-pressure performance, more wearable and
harder than regular glass

Adopting full sight FHD retina big screen,
providing more colorful enjoyment

Display more real color, with higher object restoration
rate, and is suitable for many settings

Super high resolution camera, like a micro-SLR camera
Back 14MP and front 5MP high definition camera

Adopting the new Sony stacked camera, with the back camera resolution being 1400W, enabling you to be an
excellent photographer. F2.0 extra large aperture, its powerful light capture capability perfectly compensate the
deficiency of natural light, with just one push, you could capture every magnificent moment forever.

Adopting 5 pieces of sapphire
lens to perfect details

Sapphire lens have the rigidity just second to gemstone with anti-glare、 anti-reflection
properties,perfect lighting and rigidity as well.。

Shooting modes like smart facial beauty, continuous
fast shooting and fun picture in picture shooting
to cater to the needs of beautiful you

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