The service we provide for our clients is encrypted secure communication. Shenzhen Gallop Information Technology Co., Ltd (hereafter called Gallop Technology) has been working toward the better user experience and perfect service system. To ensure the transparency and credibility, Gallop Technology makes a statement as follows.

Gallop Technology does not record any information associated with voice calls, messages which sent through Cloakme or disclose Cloakme user’s information.

To protect each side of clients and our company, we will keep limited data to reach of legitimate law enforcement requests. We retain the following information as part of our normal business functions:

-website registeration information

-Cloakme account and password

-Order information(will be eliminated after 30 days)

We support every Cloakme user’s rights for encrypted secure communications, however we don’t exclude some people will be involved in illegal action using our service. Under this condition, we reserve the rights to cancel the service for nefarious activities .We will not open the door to illegal activities shielded from the view of law enforcement. We protect every people’s privacy and rights and interests to use. We also follow the laws and regulations strictly. We assess law enforcement requests and cooperate with law enforcement department to avoid illegal Cloakme usage.

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