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1. Why do we need encrypted communication ?

Two parties who believe they are directly communicating with each other are easily to be intercepted by a Man-In-The-Middle attack. The attacker then intercepts, deciphers and steals sensitive data such as business secrets, political information, etc.

Cloakme is a pioneer in secure communication filed with the aspiration: “Military-level confidentiality, Committed to security”. Cloakme, which owns advanced R & D technologies, could provide every client around the world who needs secure communication with military-level communication protection.

2. What are the unique advantages of Cloakme?

① Owns 25 national patents and 18 copyrights on secure communication.

②Adopts a private communication protocol and a high-strength encryption algorithm to completely prevent interception and eavesdropping, thus protects personal privacy and business secrets.

③ Achieves military-level end-to-end encryption communication.

④ Bypasses traditional third party exposures and is insulated from intercepting and eavesdropping. No trace or record after call & message, neither on mobile carriers nor on Cloakme server.

3. Who can prove your statements “no trace or record”?

In the domestic market, our encrypted technology has been tested by CEPREI Laboratory,

CSTC. The result is: Communication made through Cloakme secure communication leaves no trace or record, neither on mobile carriers nor on Cloakme server.

4. Why secure communication is so urgent?

The necessity of providing customers with encrypted communication becomes apparent since digital communication technology advances at an unpredicted rate. The tremendous increase in use of telecommunication (calls or messages) has caused an increasing number of security issues.

81.3% of calls and messages were deciphered on the pathway rather than on the phone, normal calls or messages made through the mobile carriers can be intercepted by a Man-In-The-Middle attack. What's more, most of the normal VoIP services in the free market cannot provide encrypted protection. Cyber-attacks increased by 48% in 2014 by recent studies claim that: network crimes entail yearly trade losses up to 2.2 trillions. Comparing with the losses and insecurity, people are willing to spend their money on communication protection.

5. How is Cloakme’s “Anti- Interception and Anti-Eavesdropping” technology?

Cloakme encrypted technology has passed two rounds of encryption and decipher tests of Chinese Military. The two testing results both indicated Cloakme’s encrypted technology reaches military-level security.

1. What kind of SIM card can I use in Cloakme Phone?

Cloakme Phone is a dual SIM dual standby mobile phone which supports two Micro SIM cards. Both 2G/3G/4G network and phone call are available.

2. How to know if Cloakme Phone is available for my local mobile carriers?

Cloakme Phone network frequency as below:

FDD-LTE: 800/1800/2600MHz

TD-SCDMA 1880-1920/2010-2025MHz

TD-LTE: 1880-1920/2300-2400/2570-2620MHz

WCDMA: 900/1900/2100MHz

GSM 900/1800/1900MHz

Cloakme Phone is compatible with most of global network. For details, please check: http://maps.mobileworldlive.com.

3. Does Cloakme Phone support other Android APPs?

Cloakme Phone’s operating system is Android 4.4. It can perfectly support most applications as ordinary Android smart phones. In a word, Cloakme Phone is a combination of both secure communication and general usage.

4. What languages are available on Cloakme Phone?

Cloakme Phone supports 60 languages in the world, including English, Chinese, German, French, Arabic, etc. You can choose your native language from “Setting” interface on Cloakme Phone. But Cloakme secure communication system only supports English and Chinese currently.

5. What is Cloakme Phone’s Specification?

Operating system: Android 4.4

Core: Octa-core; Cortex A7+CortexA15

RAM: 3GB; ROM: 32GB (64GB can be optional).

Resolution: 1920*1080, HD IPS.

To know more details about Cloakme Phone, please check:


6. What accessories are included in the pack?

The pack includes the main machine, one battery, one charger, one User Guide, and one Warranty Card.

7. What are the wireless transmission functions of Cloakme Phone?

Hotknot; Bluetooth 4.0; NFC.

8. Is Cloakme Phone dual band WIFI?

Yes, Cloakme, equip with dual band WIFI, could support most of the WIFI in the world, including 2.4GHz/5GHz.

9. What is the charger standard of Cloakme Phone?

Input:  100-240v 50-60HZ, 0.35A ;

Output:   5.0V, 2.0A

Please use the original charger of Cloakme Phone.

Cloakme Confidential Call

1. What is Cloakme Confidential Call?

Cloakme Confidential Call is a kind of secure voice call solution. All your phone calls are encrypted by multiple algorithms, which could provide you with high-strength protection. Cloakme Confidential Call is available under WIFI or 3G/4G networks.

2. How to make a Cloakme Confidential Call?

① In the Cloakme interface, clickto enter dial interface.

② Input phone number on the dial keyboard,or clickthe contacts interface directly. If the contacts are online Cloakme users, the system will popup options, click “Confidential Call” and then the confidential call will be dialed out.

3. Can I make a Cloakme Confidential Call to non-Cloakme user?

No. Cloakme Confidential Call is available only among Cloakme users.

4. Can I make a Cloakme Confidential Call to an off-line Cloakme user?

No. You can only make normal calls while the other party is off-line.

5. Can I make a Cloakme Confidential Call without networks (3G/4G,WIFI)?

No. You are not able to make Cloakme Confidential Call without network.

Cloakme Confidential Message

1. What is Cloakme Confidential Message?

Cloakme Confidential Message is a kind of secure message solution. All your messages are encrypted by multiple algorithms, which provide your messages with strong protection . Cloakme Confidential Message is available under WIFI or 3G/4G networks.

2. How to send a Cloakme Confidential Message?

①In the Cloakme interface, clickto enter message interface.

②Clickto create a new message.

③ Select recipient or input recipient’s phone number.

④ Click,if the recipient is online Cloakme user, the system will popup options, click “Confidential Message” to send the message.

3. Can I send a Cloakme Confidential Message to non-Cloakme user?

No. Cloakme Confidential Message is available only among Cloakme users.

4.Can I send a Cloakme Confidential Message to an off-line Cloakme user?

Yes. You can send Cloakme Confidential Message while the other party is off-line.

5.Can I send a Cloakme Confidential Message without networks (2G/3G/4G,WIFI)?

No. Cloakme Confidential Message is not workable without networks.

1. How to add Cloakme Contacts ?

In the contacts interface, click. Input contacts ' name ,phone number and other information, then click. You can create new Cloakme Contacts and save the contacts’ profile on Cloakme.

2. How to distinguish the status of Cloakme Contacts?

Click "Cloakme" as shown in figure.

The green icon indicates the contacts are online. You can make confidential calls and send confidential messages.

The gray icon indicates contacts are offline. You can only make normal call and send normal message.

3.What is “Synchronize Contacts”?

“Synchronize Contacts” contains the functions as below:

Import Contacts: To import contacts from your SIM card contacts or phone contacts.

Export Contacts: To export contacts into VCF or CSV files.

Backup Contacts: Upload local contacts to the server.

Download Contacts: Download server contacts to local.

Empty Contacts: Clear the local and server contacts. You are not able to resume after the empty.

4. How to get my contacts back if I lost my Cloakme security phone?

Once you lost Cloakme security phone, please login Cloakme account and switch to “More” page, click “Synchronous Contacts”, then click "Download Contacts" to download server contacts to local.

1. If I change a new phone number, could I use my new phone number to login?

No, once you registered Cloakme, this account number can not be changed. But you can register a new Cloakme account.

2. If I change a new SIM card on my device, is my original Cloakme account still available?

Yes, you can still use your original Cloakme account on your device.

3. Could I use my Cloakme account in other countries?

Yes, you can use Cloakme account in most regions in the world, as long as network is available.

4. Is Cloakme still available, if I remove my SIM card?

Yes, but you have to connect with WIFI first.

5. Will my Cloakme account be locked, if I haven’t used it for a long time.

No, your Cloakme account won’t be locked in your service period.

6. Are all calls free among Cloakme account users?

During your Cloakme service period, all confidential calls by Cloakme are free.

7. Are there any charges for Cloakme?

7. Cloakme is not a free communication service.It can be paid monthly,quarterly or annually and might consume a bit of network traffic.For the price details,please check our official website.

1. Is contacts in Cloakme account still exist after factory reset?

No. All information in Cloakme account is stored in local mobile phone memory, which means all data will be cleared after factory reset. But you can export contacts to local contacts and store it in SIM card or backup contacts to the server before factory reset.

2. What to do if I cannot get verification code while registering?

If you cannot get your verification code, click “Resend”. If it doesn’t work, please connect with customer service for help.

3. How to update Cloakme?

Enter "More" interface, click "About Cloakme" and then click "Check the update".

4. How to deal with poor call quality when using Cloakme?

If using Cloakme call in a poor network condition, you might not hear clear voice, please try again in a good network condition.

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